With our new ownership, and a new head chef, comes a whole new menu! Head Chef Capers has strict quality standards for the food that leaves his kitchen, and his new fall menu was designed to take advantage of the new equipment and talent that has recently been brought to Eatery at the Grant House. A constant inspiration for our kitchen is in-season ingredients, so Chef Capers goes to local markets every Saturday to get ideas for the day’s specials. Plus, it is a great way to explore what our guests at Grant House will enjoy.

An exciting addition to our kitchen is the new smoker for house-cured bacon and meats for the charcuterie boards. Curing bacon is a two-week process, so the trick is to experiment with the right balance because, of course, we can’t get more at a moment’s notice if the kitchen runs out of bacon!

What are some highlights of the new menu?

Capers says the braised pork osso bucco is a “solid” favorite of his, as well as the chef’s charcuterie board, plated with a variety of local cheeses and house-smoked meats. He also points out our massive bone-in ribeye steak; tipping the scales at almost two and a half pounds, obviously for two to share. For those hungry for a single portion, but certainly not unsubstantial, there is a “big boy” take on the classic French bistro steak frites.

Capers’ has been trained in traditional French cuisine, but has let some of his southern roots show with the addition of chicken and waffles to our menu. The secret liège waffle recipe was direct from a cocoa and waffle kiosk in the Alps – a chef friend of his got hold of the recipe after stepping off a ski lift and stopping to have a snack before skiing back down the mountain, and just couldn’t leave without knowing how to recreate the mouth-watering dish himself. When he returned to the states, he shared his prize with Chef Capers as well! It is a real Belgian pearl sugar waffle, combined with his traditional American southern-fried chicken, “…gilding the lily with a dollop of honey-bacon butter,” says Capers with a smile. You couldn’t ask for a more perfect marriage of two different comfort food traditions from around the world!

Farm to table is a priority for our kitchen, and Capers admits it’s been a challenge to source from the same provisioners he knew when he worked in Portland. Some tend to cater only to Oregon-based eateries and are hesitant to cross the river, so Capers has been busy making new relationships with local farms. Many of our dishes already feature foods from ultra-local farms, and that number keeps growing as Capers puts down new roots in our fair city. However, Scot Laney (formerly of Eat Oregon First) recently reached out to Capers, and said he wanted the Eatery at Grant House to be the first and only restaurant outside of Oregon that will feature beef from Laney Family Farms, Oregon’s only all-local, dry-aged beef purveyor.

What’s the best way to brunch?

Capers doesn’t hesitate to respond, “Going with a group of people, ordering a wide variety and as much as you can – or too much! – hanging out and enjoying yourself. Also, you don’t have to limit yourself to the weekends. People who work in interesting industries don’t have normal weekends, so it’s very nice to be able to have a place you can go on Wednesday to go and get a great brunch menu and a Bloody Mary.”

By the by – Eatery at the Grant House now offers brunch seven days a week!

There are 17 amazing items on our brunch menu, which will all stay throughout the season and will certainly keep our sous chefs on their toes. Make sure to come try them before our menu shifts again with the seasons!