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Eatery at The Grant House has several options for your business meeting no matter the size. With four different rooms, access to the second-story porch, and a full kitchen and bar, we’re an ideal place to hold celebrations, discuss business proposals, and whatever else your company needs in a meeting place.

The Fowler Room is the largest venue at Eatery at The Grant House. Outfitted with a 42-inch monitor, an overhead projector, and other AV equipment, the Fowler room is ideal for large presentations. The Club Dining Room can hold up to 40 people if the tables are removed or 24 people with seating. This is ideal for mingling or large dinner parties.

For smaller, more intimate gatherings, we offer the North and South Parlors. The two rooms are connected by a door if more room is needed and the South Parlor does have a television as well.

Company Retreats

Ideal for recharging the batteries, a company retreat can bring together managers and other decision makers outside of the office. Often, new surroundings can spur new ideas, and our meetings rooms offer a comfortable space to get together.

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Board Meetings

The monitor and overhead projector in The Fowler Room are ideal for showing company projections, goals, and planning for the next quarter or looking back at the last quarter. There is plenty of room for all board members and the room is situated for optimal privacy.

Networking Events

Want a place where you and other movers and shakers can get together in a relaxed atmosphere? The Fowler and Club Dining Rooms are perfect for this. With enough room to invite all the major players, a top-notch menu, and a fully-stocked bar, Eatery at The Grant House is the place to make those connections you need.

Appreciation Events

Close a big contract, meet quarter goals, or have a big promotion to announce? Celebrate at The Eatery at The Grant house and let the good times roll! Our larger rooms allow for eating, drinking, and offering congratulations all around.

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Retirement Parties

Eatery at The Grant House is an ideal place to hold a retirement dinner, lunch, or happy hour. An entire menu, from appetizers to dessert, is available and we can set our rooms up to best fit the occasion. The Club Dining Room has a working gas fireplace to add warmth to the event, allowing your valued employee a memorable one last hurrah.

Other Business Meetings

The Parlor Rooms are ideal for interviews, closing a deal, or discussing other business proposals with a small group. We are well-versed in holiday parties, and you can even rent the entire establishment to make sure everyone has room to celebrate another successful year.

The Eatery at The Grant House has the ideal place for your business get togethers, regardless of the purpose or size. Contact us today to schedule a room or get more information.

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