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Farm to Table Freshness

Eatery at The Grant House brings in fresh produce every day, and seafood, three times a week. Many of our herbs are grown on the premises, ensuring every bite is full of flavor.

Farm to Table

At Eatery at the Grant House, we place a high value on locally-grown ingredients and farm to table freshness.

Living in Clark County, we’re lucky to have so much to do all within an hour or less. Boating on the Columbia River, hiking in the Columbia Gorge, playing in the snow at Mt. Hood, and enjoying the beaches on the Pacific Ocean are just a few pleasures locals enjoy.

The same benefits of proximity applies to the food we prepare. We have access to nearby farms and fresh seafood is just an hour away. Because of this, we’re able to bring the freshest ingredients to our kitchen, and then to your plate. We’re a farm to table restaurant and we take that very seriously.

Home Grown Herbs

farm to table restaurant Grant House Officers Row Vancouver WAEatery at The Grant House has a specific group tending to our landscaping, and this includes an herb garden. We use these herbs from our patio in our everyday cooking. Chives, mint, sage, and even a big bay tree are just a few of the herbs we grow.

When it comes to our produce, we receive deliveries every day. As the seasons change, so does the produce, and those changes affect our menu. Eatery at The Grant also has fresh seafood delivered three times a week to ensure freshness.

“We feel we have a great menu,” says owner Scott Flury. “It’s a quality product and very fresh. We’re excited about it.”

With fresh food, historic surroundings, and full menus for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, we think you will be, too.