Corporate House Memberships

We are pleased to announce our new Grant House Corporate Member Club.


As a corporate club member you will have access to many perks and benefits at Eatery at the Grant House. Included with your monthly membership are three secure wine lockers with no corkage for bottles purchased through The Grant House, and complementary wine curation of your lockers by our beverage director. To round out your wine treatment, each of your lockers will be stocked with a complimentary bottle of wine hand selected by our beverage director. You will also get ten members only wine glasses. You will have preferential access to our club and parlor rooms. As a club member you will enjoy all of the perks of our Wine Club members, as well as 10% discount on all Grant House curated events including Sunday Suppers, Wine Dinners, and parties. Additionally you will receive 10% off all food purchases at The Grant house. As part of your Corporate Club Membership, you will be invited to an annual Club Members Appreciation Dinner curated by our Chef. Club dues are $1,000 per month for up to 10 Corporate members, and $125 per month per each additional member.

Interested in Joining?

Club membership space is limited, please email us for availability.