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    • Appetizers

    • Flatbread


      Naan bread smothered with lemon ricotta, toasted almonds, and slow roasted rhubarb.

    • Calamari


      Tender rings and tentacles of calamari, dusted in seasoned flour and lightly fried then tossed with arugula, Greek olives and cherry tomatoes. Accompanied by a Greek dill sauce.

    • Fried Chevre


      Breaded and fried chevre with port braised figs and citrus zest served with fresh grilled, local bread and honey.

    • Roasted Garlic Hummus


      A smooth puree of garbanzo beans, roasted garlic and tahini with herbs and extra virgin olive oil. Served with pickled radishes, cucumbers, olives, roasted red bell peppers and feta.

    • Artichoke and Spinach Dip


      A creamy blend of marinated artichoke hearts, spinach, cream cheese and parmesan cheese heated and served with crispy fried tortilla chips.

    • Soups

      Soups are served with a warm roll and signature herb butter

    • Seasonal Soup

      $5 cup
      $8 bowl

      White bean Minestrone

    • Daily Soup

      $5 cup
      $8 bowl

      Ask your server for the day’s house made offerings.

    • Dinner Salads

      Salads are served with a warm roll and signature herb butter. Add to any salad: Blackened Salmon $6 Sautéed Shrimp $6 Grilled Chicken $5

    • Beet and Arugula*

      $7 starter
      $13 entree

      Oven roasted beets served atop a bed of arugula and almonds. Creamy Chevre dressing, Balsamic reduction.

    • Spring Salad*

      $7 starter
      $13 entree

      Mixed greens dressed with a spring onion vinaigrette, pickled radishes, fresh carrots and spring peas.

    • Caesar Salad*

      $7 starter
      $13 entree

      Chopped romaine hearts tossed with house made roasted garlic Caesar dressing. Topped with grated parmesan cheese and our house made croutons.

    • Spinach Salad*

      $7 starter
      $13 entree

      Tender baby spinach tossed in a warm bacon dressing, served with roasted fingering potatoes, hard boiled eggs and crispy prosciutto

    • Dinner Entrées

    • Beef Medallions*


      Grilled teres major steak cooked to order, accompanied with baked crab mashed potatoes, grilled asparagus, and a wild mushroom demi glaze

    • Pork Loin*


      Pan roasted pork loin served with a parsnip puree, arugula, charred carrots and a rhubarb demi glaze.

    • Pan Seared Salmon*


      Fresh Skuna Bay salmon served with sticky rice, charred apple fennel slaw and a citrus carrot bisque.

    • Shrimp and Chickpea Linguine


      Local linguine topped with sautéed shrimp, roasted chickpeas, leeks and local spinach topped with fresh feta crumbles

    • Pan Fried Rock Fish*


      Served atop quinoa pilaf and wilted baby kale. Topped with a spicy tomato lemon beurre blanc.

    • Grant Burger*


      ½ pound grass fed beef patty, topped with our signature pimento cheese, bacon, mayonnaise, red leaf lettuce, sliced tomato, and onion. Served on a toasted broche bun.

    • Polenta and Mushrooms*


      Smoked Gouda polenta, mixed with sautéed collard greens, braised wild mushrooms and gremolata.

    • Desserts

    • Rhubarb Basil Cheesecake*


      Graham cracker crust with lemon ricotta filling topped with rhubarb basil compote.

    • Coconut Mango Parfait*


      Coconut cream and mango curd layered with honey clustered granola.

    • Dulce de Leche Pot de Cremé*


      Traditional French custard and a classic Argentine desert. This caramel and cream dessert is served with fresh whip cream and sprinkled with cinnamon.

    • Bread Pudding


      Flakey croissants set with vanilla custard, topped with our house made caramel sauce and sliced almonds.

    • Chocolate Torte*


      Sweet Belgian dark chocolate torte, topped with fresh sliced strawberries, shaved white chocolate and fresh mint.

    • Affogato


      A warm fresh chocolate brownie, served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top, drizzled with house made caramel sauce and a shot of espresso pour over.